Pre-conference sponsored event (Workshop # 3): The Role of Science Communication in promoting Responsible Research and Innovation

Date/Time: Monday, April 25: 1:15 to 5:15pm

The workshop organisers: Rosina Malagrida & Steve Miller

Sponsored by:  The RRI Tools project –

Possible participants: This workshop is suitable for all participants.

The workshop is open, free of charge, to all PCST participants who have registered for the conference. There are maximum 30 places in this workshop, so make sure you claim your place now.




Workshop  # 3: The Role of Science Communication in promoting Responsible Research and Innovation

Science communication professionals now face many more demands on their skills than the straightforward ability to explain research clearly to lay audiences, policy makers and other stakeholders. In the European Union, in particular, funders are demanding that research is undertaken in a way that is socially responsible. Businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure that what they do and how they innovate is in line with the highest ethical standards. The notion of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) – now a key component of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research programme – brings together many societally important agendas, and places demands on many stakeholder groups to be involved and to be sensitive to each other’s requirements. This new paradigm calls science communication professional to collaborate with different stakeholders all through the research and innovation process, to evolve from public engagement to a publicly engaged R&I.

This workshop will explain what RRI is all about and deliver training exercises that highlight the key role that science communication and public engagement have to play in delivering it.

The workshop organisers:

Rosina Malagrida, head of the Unit on Public Engagement on Health Research at IrsiCaixa in Barcelona, where she coordinates the European educational portal Xplore Health & Leading member of the RRI Tools project.

Steve Miller, Professor of Science Communication and Planetary Science at University College London & Leading member of the RRI Tools project.

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